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Canadell Supports the “ONF - Agir” (Office National des Forêts - Act Now) Fund.

"Plant and regenerate for tomorrow!"

Canadell, a fourth generation family owned premium French oak stave and alternatives supplier owes its success to its unique know-how in enhancing bicentennial oaks. Its sustainability intrinsically depends on oak resources. Canadell has always sourced its oaks from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified French State forests managed by the ONF (Office National des Forêts). It is therefore only natural that Canadell chose to support an oak replanting project proposed by the ONF - Agir (Office National des Forêts - Act Now) in the form of a forest endowment fund. Planting in the State National forest of Laigue which is situated in France’s Oise (Hauts-de-France) region started in November 2020. This forest together with the forests of Compiègne and Ourscamp are the largest forests in the region and France’s second largest forest region encompassing over 20,000 hectares.

Sitting on sandy soils, the forest of Laigue is actually suffering terribly from climate change and repetitive droughts. It has also been weakened by the invasions of beetles which negatively impacts forest renewal. Beech, oak and spruce trees are quickly withering away from forest dieback and invasive bark beetles. These trees need to be renewed and replanted in order to maintain a healthy and diverse forest ecosystem.

A crisis plan has been implemented and support from Canadell and it’s partners will allow the planting, protection and maintenance of over 7,200 oak saplings along with many other native trees to increase biodiversity in the forest and help retain a rare and precious resource for the International wine industry: French oak.

To preserve and strengthen France’s forests for future generations, donations can be made at:

About Canadell

Established in 1940, for four generations Canadell has been providing staves of the highest quality to the largest and most prestigious cooperages around the world for barrel making. In 2000 Canadell launched their own line of fine oak alternative products for winemaking which include fans, chips, dominos and barrel inserts. What is unique about Canadell is that they have complete in house integration from when the oak is cut to packaging which means they control the entire process themselves.

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