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TAVA is a family-owned and operated company led by third-generation Francesco Tava and located in Mori Trentino, Italy. For over three generations, TAVA has been producing ceramic-based products.  In 2013, Francesco Tava took over his family business and following successful tasting trials decided to reposition his family company toward producing ceramic amphora specifically for winemaking.  With generational expertise in ceramics, the TAVA amphorae were entirely conceived and developed only for winemaking.


TAVA amphorae are made from a patented mixture of local clay that is certified and tested regularly for composition and consistency, and is 100% natural free of any colorants or additives.  TAVA amphorae have been developed through years of research with enologists and ceramic technicians and are currently used by over 1,500 wine producers in more than 30 different countries.  



TAVA amphorae are entirely made by hand via setting ceramic clay in molds and are then fired at temperatures between 2192F and 2300F. The higher the temperature you fire at, the smaller the pores are on the amphorae, and hence the lower the porosity. During the initial drying process, humidity and temperature are controlled via evaporative coolers and the presence of vegetation inside the production site. The presence of vegetation is crucial for regulating humidity and temperature levels, thus bringing countless benefits to both worker's conditions and the final product. Each amphora produced has a serial number for complete traceability.


The standard porosity of TAVA amphora is similar to that of an oak barrel at 5%. However, depending on the customer's request, the porosity can be higher or lower than 5% allowing for a slow and consistent rate of micro oxidation.  The controlled porosity and therefore the oxygen permeability of TAVA amphorae is guaranteed by the know-how acquired through years of experimentation, and by the use of specific ovens characterized by high precision in temperature regulation, homogeneity, and control. No other amphora producer we are aware of has conducted the volume and detail of testing on oxygen transfer rates.   

Research and Accessibility:

TAVA has funded independent research activities that involved several independent laboratories, with detailed studies regarding porosity, sanitation and chemical inertia, available on our website.  The study and understanding of how the firing temperature and firing gradient of amphorae could influence the chemical properties of ceramics was key in the development of the TAVA amphorae.  The quality of the clay and the precise and controlled temperature of cooking give TAVA amphora a unique chemical inertia, which independent studies have proven to show no migration of metals or undesirable materials and no effect on the chemical properties of wine.  The ceramic material tested, thanks also to its low porosity, proved not to be susceptible to microbial colonization and easy to sanitize.

Winemaking & Styles of Wines

All three sizes (320L, 750L, 1600L) of amphorae are equipped with winemaking-friendly accessories including a sealable lid, tasting tap, full discharge valve, and pallet jack / forklift-friendly stand. The 1600L amphora can also come with an external hatch door. Due to TAVA's standard porosity similar to that of an oak barrel, the amphora works best for the fermentation and aging of all styles of whites or the elevage of both lighter and more full-bodied reds. TAVA Amphora will respect your vineyard site and the typicity of the varietals while contributing texture to the palette and brightness and freshness from an aromatic perspective.  


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