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One of the oldest and most experienced international brokers of premium French, Hungarian and American barrels, casks, tanks, alternatives and Italian eggs and amphorae made of cocciopesto, concrete and terracotta.

Since 1979, Bouchard Cooperages has been supplying the global wine industry with the finest quality custom products manufactured by highly skilled family owned suppliers that stay true to their craft because they:​

  • VALUE their unique traditions and savoir faire

  • RESPOND to market demands

  • EMBRACE development in the industry

  • ARE MINDFUL of their history and commitment to future generations.

  • QUALITY products

  • Respect for TRADITION

  • COLLABORATION between our suppliers and customers

  • CONSISTENCY from one year to the next

  • INNOVATION to meet market demands

  • COMMITMENT and support for wine industry

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE and more customer service

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