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Introducing WINEGLOBES From Famille Paetzold

Wineglobe and Bouchard Cooperages are pleased to announce a collaboration for representation in the US and Mexico while continuing limited involvement with Jaimee Motley from Jaimie Motley Wines and Stockinger.


Wineglobe, produced in Bordeaux France by the Paetzold family are single-piece glass globes that range from 25L - 400L. The most popular sizes are the 115L and 220L which most conveniently allow for the purest expression regarding terroir-driven wines. The Wineglobe was created in 2015 and in 2020 received the famous Vinitech Innovation Trophy award. Today, it represents the ultimate reference high-end cutting-edge vessel, found in the most prestigious of cellars, for the fermentation and aging of white and rosé wines and the aging of reds.


Borosilicate glass is used for making Wineglobes. It is the purest, strongest, and most resilient type of glass allowing for the globes to be inert, smooth, impermeable, neutral, and unaltered over time. Glass is an eternal, noble, and long-lasting material that has a thermal conductivity similar to that of concrete, allowing for good temperature stability The transparency of glass allows lees sedimentation, wine turbidity, and malolactic fermentation to be observed and studied.


In 2010, Institute of Bordeaux graduate, consultant, company founder, and estate owner Michael Paetzold initiated research for new containers to be used at his winery in South West France. In 2014, especially with Burgundy domains including Meursault's Arnaud Ente, Paetzold started seriously looking into glass as an aging vessel since winemakers always loved the wines from their "demijannes".


The Wineglobe came to be in 2015 and was tested through 2019 on a wide range of varietals. In 2020, the first Wineglobes were commercially sold. Today, over 500 customers are using Wineglobes in some of the most famous cellars in France and worldwide. Wineglobes are produced at an onsite custom state-of-the-art glass oven in Bordeaux where the quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. Unique about Wineglobes is how they are made from a single piece of glass and possess extremely winemaker-friendly accessories.


The porosity on Wineglobes is 0% making them oxygen-proof however their shape allows for the wine to stay in constant motion, be dynamic, and be alive to avoid being reduced.

Winemaking & Styles of Wine

Wineglobes have been shown to produce unique wines that are totally different from those fermented and aged in wood, concrete, or steel vats. The natural features of the fruit, vineyard, and terroir are exposed in a way that is completely distinctive, and unique and produce wines of purity and perfume. Wineglobes represent a unique tool to understand your terroir, vineyard, and fruit in their purest forms and can be used interchangeably on all styles of white, rosé, sparkling base, skin contact, or red wines. Due to the elimination of headspace, topping is not needed and SO2 can be reduced by 25% to 50%.

Selected WINEGLOBE References

Burgundy Arnaud Ente - Benoit Ente - Arnaud Baillot - Perrot Minot - Leroux - Nicolas Rossignol - Mouton - François Carillon - Michelot - Trapet - Château De La Crée - Vincent Girardin - Ballot Millot et Fils - de Chassorney - Vincent Dancer - Château de Meursault - Pierre Damoy - Leflaive - Yvon Clerget Bordeaux Château Canon La Gaffalière - Château La Gaffalière - Château de Pez - Château de l'A - Château Corbin - Château Larcis Ducasse - Château Laroque - Clos Manou - Château Olivier - Château Climens - Château Yquem - Château Brane Cantenac - Château Pichon Comtesse - Château Ausone - Château Ducro Beaucaillou - Château D'estournel - Château Cheveal Blanc - Château Ferrière Rhône Combier - Stéphane Ogier - Vernay - Alain Graillot - Matthieu Barret

Champagne Agrapart - Savart - Lanson - Giraud - Leclerc Briant - Pehu Simonet - Suenen - Réne Geoffroy - de Marzilly - JM Séleque Loire François Chidaine - Didier Daganeau - Jolivet - Paul Prieur Sud Gérard Bertrand - Vaccelli - Ott - Château de Berne USA Domaine de la Cote - Domaine Drouhin - Eisele Winery - Phelan Farms - Hines Family - Sandhi Wines - Clos Solene


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