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Egginox Stainless Steel Eggs for Winemaking Now Available from Bouchard Cooperages

Bouchard Cooperages is proud to introduce Egginox Stainless Steel eggs for winemaking to its clients in North America.

Winemaking & Styles of Wine:

The Egginox tanks maintain the natural suspension of the lees and preserve the juice’s fruit quality during fermentation, the golden ratio is respected, the PH of the wine is not impacted and there is no variability between tanks. The eggs are lightweight, easy to move and easy to clean and sanitize.

“By keeping the wine in constant motion and the lees in constant suspension, the Egginox will add a textural component to your wine and because of the material’s inertness and lack of porosity, it will amplify the taste of fruit and respect the identity of your vineyard site”, adds Paolo Bouchard, Business Development Manager at Bouchard Cooperages.


The Collio section of Italy’s Friuli region has a rich history in growing aromatic white varietals that are made in a combination of oxidative and reductive styles.

"Nova Gorica in Slovenia is right on the border with this famous Italian winemaking region but it also has a famous and well respected winemaking region of it’s own. Slovenia as a country supplies Europe and other International markets with many stainless steel products and is considered a specialist and industry leader for this material,” adds Bouchard.

Egginox Stainless Steel eggs for winemaking are unique not only for their shape and function but also in the high grade premium stainless steel used and the specialized welding that is carried out meticulously by professionals who are absolute experts at their craft.


With references spanning from the Friuli in Italy, Brda in Slovenia, Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne in France and the Vinho Verde region of Portugal, the Egginox tanks are gaining a following with aromatic whites, sparkling wines and light skinned red varietals where very minimum oxygen exchange is needed to keep the wine in a bright, energetic and tense state.


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