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MAURY Bordeaux Barrels

The History:

Tonnellerie Maury & Fils is a traditional fourth-generation cooperage that originated along the "quai des chartrons quartier" of Bordeaux in 1893. Today the cooperage is managed by Mathieu Maury and produces around 5,000 barrels a year with it's local Bordeaux France region being it's strongest market.

The Philosophy:

Tonnellerie Maury represents a traditional Bordeaux-style cooperage and the barrels can be found in some of Bordeaux's most prestigious left and right bank Grand Cru Classé Châteaux. Mathieu Maury has a very strong reputation in his local market because he is constantly visiting and tasting with customers in order to taste, listen to, and incorporate their feedback into his barrel-making decisions.

Cooperage Style:

The Maury style is classically Bordeaux. The barrels are elegant making them suitable for cooler more restrained styles of Bordeaux red varietals while also lending to richer more fruit-driven and structured wines during hotter vintages.

Oak Selection & Toasts:

Maury barrels are coopered based on grain tightness. The oak is all sourced from centrally located French oak forests and then categorized based on either open grain used mainly for spirit barrel production tight grain, or extra tight grain mainly used for wine barrel production. Toast-wise, the barrels are fire-toasted traditionally in either a Medium, Medium Long, or Medium Plus toast depending on how much toast, structure, or oak impact desired. From an innovation range style, Maury's MC2 "Maury Chauffe 2x fois" toast is a double light long toast that contributes tremendous length, juicy fine sandy textural tannins, and beautiful subtle oak and toast aromatic complexities to the wine. The MC2 toast profile is Maury's most popular toast profile and is used both on white wines and more restrained styles of red Bordeaux.


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