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Wine Business Monthly. Bouchard Cooperages annonces new products for 2020: Tonnellerie BILLON - Sub

Bouchard Cooperages, which recently celebrated 40 years serving the wine industry, is pleased to announce that Tonnellerie Billon from Beaune, Tonnellerie DAMY from Meursault and Tonnellerie Maury from Bordeaux will expand their 2020 offerings for the North America market with new coopering processes and toasts this year via the: "BILLON - Subtil", "DAMY - Délicat", MAURY - MC2".

Click for link to Wine Business Monthly Article.

Tonnellerie Billon (Beaune) - “Subtil”

Subtil represents a wood preparation technique unique to Tonnellerie Billon that aims to remove the harsher tannins and organoleptic material from the wood in order to have faster integration and a more subtle impact of the oak and toast. This technique maintains Billon’s signature long finish and lift on the palate and is available from 225L / 228L – 300L.

Tonnellerie DAMY (Meursault) - “Délicat”

Délicat represents a barrel finishing technique unique to Tonnellerie DAMY that aims to soften the initial presence of the oak and elevate the integration and harmony between the fruit, oak and toast. This technique maintains DAMY’s signature mid-palate volume and roundness and is available from 225L / 228L – 500L.

Tonnellerie DAMY (Meursault) - Light Long Plus Toast

After the success and rise in demand for Tonnellerie DAMY’s Light Long Toast the Meursault based cooper is now offering an even longer toast called the Light Long Plus. The LL+ Toast takes one hour and a half on a consistent, constant and small ember fire. This light and extremely long toast allows for the varietal to be the center of focus while benefiting from the complexities that DAMY’s famous toast and oak nuances add to the wine upon integration.

Tonnellerie Maury (Bordeaux) “MC2” Toast

MC2 represents a unique extended light long double toasting technique that caters to an elegant and fresh expression of the varietal and promotes the vineyard’s typicities and complexities. This toast is available in all barrel sizes

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