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Bouchard Cooperages requires prepayment or upon approved credit terms, your invoice will be emailed to you from the supplier, and is due 30 days from when your products are delivered. However, financing options also exist


Our French and European Oak products are invoiced in Euros so our suppliers can offer the lowest price per barrel. A Euro price allows them to avoid adding significant markups needed to cover potential exchange rate fluctuations.

Bouchard Cooperages now offers several easy methods of payment. You can pay your EURO invoices by VISA or Mastercard, wire transfer of EUROS, or you can pay by $US Dollar check through AscendantFX.

To pay your invoices via VISA or MASTERCARD:

fill out the following documents and scan or fax back to Bouchard Cooperages:


Simply contact Ed Casey at Ascendant FX Capital via email or phone:


Office: 925-283-2526

Mobile: 925-818-0466


About Ascendant:

Each of our coopers has an account with AscendantFX, so our customers are not required to provide any information other than a copy of their invoice or order confirmation. Simply fax or email AscendantFX your Euro invoice or order confirmation, and they will send you a converted invoice in $USD. Mail your $USD check payable to AscendantFX, and they will credit the appropriate amount of Euros to each cooperage with instructions to apply the payment to your invoice.

Customers of Bouchard Cooperages can also contact AscendantFX to fix the exchange rate at the time of their order. This simple transaction, known as a forward contract, allows our customers to know the total $USD cost at the time of their order, and eliminates any risk from fluctuations in the exchange rate. Please contact Ed Casey at 866‑999‑3571 for more information.

To pay by VISA or Mastercard:

Please contact our office.


Please refer to your invoice; each invoice displays bank information and wire transfer instructions. For any questions about these, please contact our office.

AscendantFX can also wire Euros to the cooperage for invoice settlement, at a much lower cost than most banks.


Our office is always available to assist you with paying your invoices. We will do everything in our power to make your transaction as painless as possible. For more information on our payment options please call us at 707‑257‑3582 or send us an email.


If you are interested in buying barrels from Bouchard Cooperages but need help financing, Bouchard Cooperages is proud to work with H&A Barrel Management.

H&A facilitates the operational management of your barrel inventory by offering innovative a flexible payment solutions. H&A is your single point of contact for financial, inventory and resale management of your barrels and is proud to work with more than 1,000 wineries worldwide.


Our suppliers invoice in Euros, however we offer very simple options for making payment in $AUD, through our Foreign Exchange partner, Ascendant FX.

Please forward your invoice to our Australian office:

We will provide you with the converted $AUD amount using the rate of the day, and local bank account details to transfer to.



If you are interested in buying barrels from Bouchard Cooperages but need help financing, Bouchard Cooperages is proud to work with Barrel Finance & Logistics.

BFL Logo RGB.jpg

Barrel Finance & Logistics offers all inclusive finance and logistics services to hundreds of Australian and New Zealand wineries and gives you alternatives to dealing with banks and other institutions for financing your barrels.


The short answer is by wire transfer or bank draft, payable directly to the suppliers in Euros (Canadell payments can be made directly to Bouchard Cooperages in NZD).


The invoice you have received has all the payment details on it. Your bank can do this wire transfer for you.

Any questions, please contact Erin Shull @

Phone: 03 445 4440 




If you are interested in buying barrels from Bouchard Cooperages but need help financing, Bouchard Cooperages is proud to work with Barrique Rentals Ltd and Barrel Finance & Logistics. Bouchard Cooperages has a very good relationship with Wayne Wade at Barriques Rentals Ltd who helps smaller and mid sized wineries with tailored barrel financing options.

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