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Italian supplier for cocciopesto and concrete eggs and tanks.


Drunk Turtle is a family owned company located just outside of Pisa

in Tuscany, Italy that produces cocciopesto eggs in large formats for the vinification and ageing of wines. Their eggs are exported throughout the different winemaking regions of the world.

Drunk Turtle Filmato
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Drunk Turtle is famous for their cocciopesto opuses. Cocciopesto is a natural building material that the Ancient Romans used for aqueducts and vessels for transporting wine and water. The patented mixture is made of small fragments or “cocci” of crushed terracotta, stone, sand, de-chlorinated water and small quantities of a natural binding material. Due to the very limited amount of binding material in the mixture, cocciopesto contains very few heavy metals meaning an epoxy coating or massive tartaric acid buildup is not needed before using the vessel for fermenting or aging.

The Drunk Turtle team is a group of professionals from the enological, architectural and design sectors that have rediscovered and patented a purpose for a strong, barely porous and extremely low in heavy metals ancient roman building material; cocciopesto. Drunk Turtle crafts premium unique wine opus in different sizes made from cocciopesto. 

The natural makeup of cocciopesto brings minerality, complexity, freshness and adds texture and mouthfeel to wine. The extremely low porosity of cocciopesto allows for very slight micro-oxidation to occur.


  • Durability

  • Enhances minerality, freshness, complexity and texture in wines

  • Natural temperature stabilization during fermentation

  • Low percentage of heavy metals in mixture

  • Extremely low micro-porosity allowing wines to remain fresh

  • Italian supplier for cocciopesto eggs/tanks. (5HL-15HL)

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