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Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin by Fist Oak is a premium toasted and untoasted French oak tannin product line for sale by Bouchard Cooperages

Toasted and untoasted French Oak Tannin.

Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin by Fist Oak is a premium toasted and untoasted French oak tannin product line that is produced in Cognac and is applicable to treating a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. The addition of the French oak tannins can be done at different stages of the alcohol’s production process.

Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin by First Oak and Bouchard Cooperages

Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin is a partnership between Vincent Bouchard from Bouchard Cooperages and Mikael Reduil from First Oak. Mikael Reduil is a 6th generation Cognac producer, viticulturer and consulting oenologue and produces a wide array of oenological products under his brand First Oak, which was founded in 2008 and is based right outside of Cognac.


Due to Mikael’s close proximity and connections with France’s Cognac and Bordeaux based cooperages, he is able to source pieces of French oak left from cooperages’ stave production for a premium, 100% French Oak tannin product line. As a result, Mikael’s raw ingredients for French Oak tannin production is of the highest quality.  

Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin by Fist Oak is a premium toasted and untoasted French oak tannin for sale and for untoasted and toasted solutions

The air drying, chipping and toasting of the oak is done on site before it is sent to a cognac distillery, where the creation of the toasted and untoasted oak tannins is done through an extraction process. The extraction process consists of large aqueous tea-like bath solutions that with applied heat become more concentrated and smaller in volume over time.


Analyses are run on numerous batches in order to monitor the consistency of the concentration of gallotannins and ellagitannins so that via blending, a consistent product can be created time after time.

Chêne-oelogie French Oak tannin acts on the palate with regard to a beverage’s integration and structure profile. It does NOT take the place of oak alternatives or barrels and does NOT impact the beverage’s aromatic or color profile.

Chêne-oelogie French Oak Tannin for sale as oak alternative

The French Oak Tannins are collected from the concentrated solution via atomization, which is the process of condensation and vaporization occurring simultaneously. Depending on if the tannins were toasted or untoasted, they are then packaged into two distinct products:


“Excellence Tannin” - Toasted French oak tannin that helps soften the wine’s structure. It performs on brighter more elegant and complex wines and adds sweetness and roundness.


“Structure Tannin” - Untoasted French oak tannin that can be used on thin wines that would benefit from tannin structure, the frameworking of fruit and palate length.


  • 100% Premium French oak tannin for alcoholic beverage production

  • Made from two natural products: French Oak and demineralized water

  • Chêne-oelogie Excellence Tannin: Toasted French oak tannin

  • Chêne-oelogie Structure Tannin: Untoasted French oak tannin

  • Purpose is to play a helpful palate role in terms of the wine’s integration, structure and length

  • Purpose is NOT to change the wine’s color or aromatics

  • Up to 2 year shelf life

  • 0.5, 1 or 2 kg packaging or custom sized packaging

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