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Welcome to a world of oak barrels, puncheons, foudres, adjuncts, tanks, and amphorae. From technical information, recommendations, and consultations, Bouchard Cooperages looks forward to fulfilling your winemaking needs!



French, American, Hungarian Oak Barrels for sale by Bouchard Cooprages. Price lists avaiable by region.
Vincent Bouchard doing business wit french oak barrel producer. Learn about Bouchard Cooperages.

Bouchard Cooperages is an independent broker representing a group of distinctive ultra-premium suppliers from France, Hungary, Austria, Italy and America.

Our primary goal is to collaborate with select winemakers around the world to provide one-stop access to:


  • The finest custom-fabricated French, Hungarian, Austrian, Eastern European and American oak and acacia wine barrels, spirit barrels and large format casks and tanks

  • French oak barrel alternatives (French oak Tannin, Chips, Dominoes, Barrel Inserts and Tank Staves)


We currently carry oak products in volume ranges 225L to 60HL from Bel Air, Maury, Billon, Canadell, DAMY, European Coopers Hungary, Schneckenleitner and Master Coopers.


Non-oak related, Bouchard Cooperages also imports Italian cocciopesto and concrete fermenting and ageing eggs and tanks, ceramic amphorae,"grés" sandstone jarres and stainless steel eggs.

We currently carry products in volume ranges from 200L to 125+ HL from Tava, Drunk Turtle, CLC Vasche, Egginox and Wineglobe. 


All of our products are backed by unparalleled customer service and logistical expertise.​


With Vincent’s experience with international shipping, Bouchard Cooperages predominantly operates in three diverse winemarkets:

(and also services Italy, Chile and Portugal)

Each market has its own local office, with climate controlled warehousing services and partnerships with leading logistic companies.

Bouchard Cooperages global logistics shipping.

With nearly 40 years of experience and a global presence, we take pride in the fact that we are experts in logistics and profoundly dedicated to Customer Service.  Our goal every year is to ensure that our customers’ products arrive in time for harvest, in great condition, and at minimum expense.


Bouchard Cooperages team of employees include highly experienced, passionate and knowledgeable product consultants and professionals that are extremely loyal and committed to helping and fulfilling your needs. Ranging from employees that have been with the company since day 1 in 1979, to young dynamic members, to employees in the Australia and New Zealand offices, the Bouchard Cooperages team remains very connected and involved in today’s ever changing wine industry.


Founded in 1979 when Vincent Bouchard offered his first oak barrel for sale, to this day the company is still led by Vincent Bouchard from the Bouchard Pere et Fils family in Burgundy.

Bouchard Cooperages has a rich history of being at the forefront of advancements in wine barrel and spirit barrel coopering techniques. Bouchard, a Master Cooper, invented the silicone bung in 1980 and pioneered initial experiments with different toasting levels in 1981. Prior to this time, heat was simply used to make the wood pliable enough to bend and shape the barrel.

Silicone barrel bung pioneered by Vincent Bouchard
Bouchard Cooperages refines different levels of toasting oak barrels to a refined standard.
Plastic shrink wrapped barrels optimized for international shipping, safety and longevity by Bouchard Cooperages.
  • In 1984, he commissioned studies on the importance of oak barrels made from different French forest origins and different grain tightness in regards to the aging of a wine or spirit, as well as the specific differences between French, Hungarian and American oak.


  • He followed shortly thereafter with studies on the effects of geography and time for oak barrel stave aging.  Bouchard was the first to introduce French Oak specifically from the Vosges forest (northeast France) to the U.S. market. In 1985, he introduced the shrink-wrapping of oak barrels prior to shipment to prevent damage and preserve humidity.


  • When Vincent Bouchard is away from all the action at Bouchard Cooperages (typically during the Northern Hemisphere’s harvest time), he puts his eonology degrees, winemaking skills and family background to work by getting his hands dirty during vintage by evaluating different suppliers’ products at the winery he owns with his wife in Portugal’s Douro Valley; Quinta do Tedo. At Quinta do Tedo, with the help of his consulting winemaker Jorge Alves, Vincent crafts elegant vintage Portos and Tawnys, dry reds and olive oil that are all produced from estate fruit.


Today, Bouchard Cooperages continues its historical tradition of continually striving for innovation and quality in the world of fermenting and aging vessels, and barrel cooperage techniques.

This includes the use of French, Hungarian, Austrian and American oak in different steps of the winemaking, distilling and brewing processes.​

Add to this history the fact that we represent a portfolio of some of the finest cooperages, artisans and craftsmen in the world, and it means Bouchard Cooperages is uniquely qualified to collaborate and consult with both our customers and suppliers to customize the fabrication of storage and fermenting vessels, barrels and barrel alternative products specifically suited to individual wine varietals, regions, winemaking styles, as well as with the spirit and brewing industries.


The suppliers in Bouchard Cooperages portfolio have a deep respect and appreciation for their product’s purpose and tradition in the wine industry, but they are always open to bettering them and responding to new market demands and requirements.

  • Quality
  • Tradition
  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Logistical Expertise
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

These are not just principles we aspire to everyday.

At Bouchard Cooperages, they define our past and direct our future.

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