French cooper specializing in barrels and puncheons (225 L - 500 L).

Tonnellerie Maury & Fils is a traditional fourth generation cooperage that originated along the “quai des chartrons quartier” of Bordeaux in 1893. It is in this area of the city along the Garonne river that wine barrels were loaded onto ships and exported to Britain and soon after, around the world.


Tonnellerie Maury specializes in the 225 L Bordeaux barrel but also makes sizes up to 500 L puncheons based on different oak grain tightnesses originating from different French oak forests from the center of France.

Tonnellerie Maury is now managed by Mathieu Maury who is a fourth generation cooper. Mathieu has a very strong reputation and image in the local Bordeaux market where 90% of his barrels are sold to Grand Cru Classé Châteaux in the region. Mathieu’s proximity to Bordeaux has allowed the brand to position itself as a preferred partner rather than a mere provider to Bordeaux’s greatest Châteaux.

Tonnellerie Maury is part  of the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) which is the world’s largest forest certification system that promotes sustainable forest management.

Maury barrels focus on fruit purity, expression, aromatics and structure. The barrels allow the fruit to remain in focus while providing lift and fullness. They are delicate enough for a lighter vintage but have enough personality and impact to excel in warmer vintages and richer wine styles.

Besides overseeing the production of his barrels, Mathieu Maury constantly visits and tastes with his customers. The cooperage's proximity to Bordeaux's left and right bank of prestigious Châteaux allows Mathieu to constantly be in contact with his customers, listen to their requests, taste the performance of his barrels, and gain insight into improving the cooperage to better suit his client's expectations.


  • Reputation is built on 225 L Bordeaux style barrels

  • Barrels are categorized on grain tightness and all of the oak comes from the center of France

  • Special Toast, mc² 

  • Fire bent and fire toasted barrels

  • Offers French oak barrels and puncheons (225 L - 500 L)

Tonnellerie Maury

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