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Cooperage for French and American oak barrels.


After 36 years of passion and dedication to the cooperage business, Vincent Bouchard finally put his signature on a barrel under his Master Coopers brand.


The Master Cooper brand strives for the integration of wood and wine throughout the 5 stages of tasting: the nose, the front palete, the mid palate, the finish and what in Italy is called the “retro-gusto” where the wine comes back after drinking or spitting. The integration is balanced in a way that shows a reverence for fruit and terroir.


What distinguishes the Master Coopers brand is the unique proprietary way the barrels are toasted.

Working closely with a selected Burgundian Cooper with whom he has had the longest relationship, the barrels feature 100% 3-year air dry French oak from specially selected premier forests, and are available in both Slow Blue and Slow Red toasts:

  • Slow Blue for Chardonnay and other whites

  • Slow Red for Pinot Noir and other delicate/aromatic reds.


What I wanted to achieve with the Master Coopers recipe is a complete integration of wood and wine throughout the 5 stages of tasting.


Vincent Bouchard partnered with one of North America’s premier Cooperages to cooper American Oak barrels, made in America. The proprietary toasting process is much longer than the traditional toasting time and done at a lower flame, designed to optimize the essence of American oak while minimizing it’s undesirable characteristics. That means more subtle oak nuances that lift the fruit and broaden the palate; and less aggressive lactones with no overt oakiness, plankyness or dill.


Slow growth American white oak of the highest quality is seasoned for a minimum of 2 years. Master Coopers Made in America barrels are handcrafted in small quantities and available in Missouri, Minnesota and Pennsylvania oak.

Master Coopers USA join 1% For The Planet in 2022 and is proud to donate 1% of its revenue to global reforestation and biodiversity protection efforts. 

  • Proprietary toast

  • Blending of different French forests for French Oak barrels

  • State specific forests used for American Oak barrels

  • Available in 225L or 228 L

  • Speciality Barrel: Unity

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