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Hungarian cooperage for forest origin 100% Hungarian oak barrels and puncheons. (225L-500L)

European Coopers is a premium Hungarian cooperage that produces 100% Hungarian oak barrels. The cooperage is located two hours South of Budapest   and is proud of remaining independent since its establishment in 1997.

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With over forty years of experience, Master Cooper Kristof Flodung has been at the heart of European Coopers since day one in 1997 and oversees a team of 15 Coopers that produce 5,000 barrels a year.

European Coopers was co-founded by three respected Italian winemaking families that were searching for premium hungarian oak for their wines. It is now co-owned between these families and Vincent Bouchard.


After opening its markets and becoming part of the EU in 2004, there has been a resurgence in demand for Hungarian oak on the international wine scene. European Coopers produces premium Hungarian oak barrels that are everything you would expect from a quality driven artisan Cooper.

We have been using European Coopers barrels for many years. The barrels have guaranteed a nice elegance and finesse in the wines. Some of our best wines are aged in European Coopers barrels.


- Renzo Cotarella CEO and Chief Winemaker at Marchesi Antinori

Kristof and his team control the entire process in house, from sourcing and selecting 100% Hungarian logs from Hungary’s best forests in the Zemplen and Mecsek hills, seasoning the staves, to producing and finishing the barrels.


  • 100% Hungarian oak

  • Independently owned cooperage

  • Only 3-Year air dried wood

  • Fire bent, fire toasted

  • Speciality Barrel: Kristof

  • Hungarian supplier for forest origin 100% Hungarian oak barrels, puncheons. (225L-500L)


European Coopers purchases logs from parts of the Mecsek and Tokay forests that have the FSC certificate and the Natura 2000 certificate which both promote sustainable forest management.

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