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Burgundy cooperage for forest origin French oak barrels, puncheons and casks. (225L-860L)

Tonnellerie Damy is a third generation cooperage located in Meursault, Burgundy that was founded in 1946 by M. Roger Damy and produces premium traditional forest origin barriques and casks sourced from 10 different French forests.

Tonnellerie Damy
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Tonnellerie Damy is now managed by Jérôme Damy who oversees a team of 35 skilled coopers who produce roughly 20,000 barrels a year. In 1976 Jacques Damy was awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award and in 2007 Jérôme Damy was awarded it as well by the President of France. Tonnellerie Damy along with sister company Tonnellerie Billon form Les Tonnelleries de Bourgogne or The Cooperages of Burgundy, one of the few suppliers still able to offer oak selection by forest origin.

Since 1997 Barrels produced at Damy are CTB certified (fûts de traditions Française - traditional French barrels) which is a unique label ensuring a high quality barrel’s traceability, drying, technical features, and respect for tradition. Tonnellerie Damy is part of the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) which is the world’s largest forest certification system that promotes sustainable forest management.


Damy barrels have a stunning ability to soften tannins and provide a creamy, rounded mid-palate, whilst supporting and enhancing fruit sweetness to complement both white and red wines with a variety of forest origins.

Tonnellerie Damy is one of the most renowned Burgundian Cooperages—the barrels are synonymous with the world’s greatest Chardonnays and Pinots and are featured in more than 80% of Domaines in the Côtes de Beaune/Nuit. The distinctive and delectable house style is the reason you will find Damy barrels in many wineries around the world.


  • Forest Origin barrels

  • Partnered with Stave Mill in the Jura region of France:

  • Independently owned and part of Les Tonnelleries de Bourgogne

  • Fire bent / Fire toasted

  • Specialty Barrel: Rouge, R2 Estrella, Exclusive, Imperial

  • Burgundy supplier for forest origin French oak barrels, puncheons, casks. (225L-860L)

• Optional barrel finishing technique
NEW Light Long Plus Toast
Three forest blend, seasoned 36 months, with two hour light long proprietary toast

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