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Stainless Steel Egg Supplier (500L - 25 HL)

Egginox is a privately owned company founded by a group of wine and stainless steel professionals in Nova Gorica Slovenia and makes premium inox eggs out of AISI 304 stainless steel for wine and beverage alcohol production.

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Egginox specializes in the production of premium inox
egg-shaped fermentation and aging vessels for winemaking and beverage alcohol production. The production site is

located in Nova Gorica Slovenia which is right on the frontier with the Friuli region of Italy, one of the aromatic white wine capitals of the world.

The grade of inox used in the production of the Egginox eggs is AISI 304 stainless steel and the inner surface is polished BA (Bright Annealed) that has minimum roughness to facilitate tartrate removal. What makes the Egginox product unique in the industry is the high-grade premium inox used and the specialized welding that is carried out meticulously by professionals who are absolute experts at their craft.

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Due to the egg shape of the tank, the lees are kept in natural suspension. The zero-percent porosity of inox allows for minimum oxygen exchange making the wine express itself in a bright, energetic, and tense state.


The egg shape of the vessel and the material which it is made from makes cleaning the tanks extremely practical
and hygienic since steam can be used. By keeping the wine
in constant motion and the lees in constant suspension, the Egginox will add a textural component to your wine and because of the material’s inertness and lack of porosity, it will amplify the taste of fruit and respect the identity of your vineyard site.


  • Made from premium AISI 304 stainless steel and the inner surface is polished BA (Bright Annealed) allowing for hygienic cleaning and consistency across tanks

  • Eggs can be used for fermentation and aging

  • Egg shape allows for the lees to be kept in constant suspension which favors wines with texture

  • 0% porosity of the vessel caters best to aromatic whites and light-skinned reds that want to be expressed in a bright, energetic and tense state. 

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