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Concrete Tank Supplier (15HL - 120 HL+)

CLC Vasche, which stands for “Cooperative Lavorazione Cementi,” is a family-owned and run company located outside of Padova in North-Eastern Italy. CLC is a leading manufacturer for standard and tailor made concrete tanks for wine production, whose tanks can be found throughout Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, and other important winemaking countries throughout the world.

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CLC was founded in 1955 by a group of Italian families that to this day run the company together. They specialize in the production of standard, modular tanks but have also built their reputation by offering tailor made concrete tanks that are customized to their customers’ cellars and needs.

CLC concrete tanks are made of either concrete, or reinforced concrete depending on the shape and size of the tank. The production and mix of concrete is a consistent blended aggregate of sand, marl, clay, stones, and gravel sourced from the local Brenta river which is fed from rivers that originate from melting glaciers high up in the neighboring Dolomite Mountains reaching into the Alps.

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Due to it’s extremely stable thermal inertia characteristics, concrete tanks are excellent vessels for fermentation; but many producers also opt to age their wine in the vessels too.


A state of the art, computerized machine is used to accurately and consistently mix the right amounts of all necessary aggregates, cement, and water in order to guarantee a consistent and optimal mix of concrete across all tanks. For small standard tanks, the concrete is poured inside of molds and allowed to cure. For larger tanks, rebar and reinforced steel is used to provide structural support to the tank.


  • Made from a computerized consistently mixed concrete aggregate meaning all tanks are made from the same material

  • Standard and tailor made tanks made either from a mold or from reinforced concrete

  • Tanks can be used for fermentation or ageing

  • Tanks are fully customizable

  • Company founded in 1955 and still family owned

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