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French oak supplier for oak alternatives, fans, chips, dominos

and barrel inserts.

Merrandier Canadell was established in 1940 by Lauriano Canadell

in Trie-sur-Baîse in France’s Hautes Pyrénées department. For four generations and over sixty years, Canadell has been providing staves of the highest quality to the largest and most prestigious cooperages around the world for barrel making. In 2000 Canadell launched their own line of fine oak alternative products for winemaking.

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Canadell is currently managed by Jacques Canadell and his son Frédéric. Canadell is one of the oldest and largest customers of France’s Office National des Forêts (ONF).

With two stave mills in France and connections to France’s most prestigious forests, Canadell uses strict proprietary toasting regimens to carefully craft a complete line of oak alternatives. These include powder and chips for use during fermentation and post ferment aging, to Dominoes and Staves, which best showcase the qualities of French Oak

and show characters remarkably similar to barrel aging. Therefore, bridging the gap between barrels and oak alternatives.

Canadell oversees the entire manufacturing process

of its’ oak alternative products for full traceability, from selecting trees in the forest to seasoning, splitting, air drying, toasting and the final packaging of the final product.


  • Company historically is a merrandier, ensuring control of process from it's source; the oak

  • Complete in house integration from when oak is cut to packaging

  • Independently owned

  • Large selection of alternative products and toast levels

    • Fire toasted and convection toasted staves

    • Chips

    • Dominos

    • Barrel inserts (through the bung and head of barrel)

1 (upperLeft corner) use for photo 4.png
Oak Chips
4 (lower right corner) use for photo 4.png
French Oak Dominoes
Barrel inserts.png
Barrel insert through the bung
Fire Toasted French Oak Staves
2 (lower right corner) use for photo 4.jpg
French Oak Staves

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